Why We Don’t Use Soy Wax

Why We Don’t Use Soy Wax

While soy wax is often considered a natural alternative, we want to shed light on why we've made a different choice.

At Bey&Bo we're committed to crafting candles that not only elevate your senses but also make a positive impact on the environment. While soy wax is often considered a natural alternative, we want to shed light on why we've made a different choice. Ultimately, just because a wax is considered "natural" and is plant based, doesn't always mean it's the best choice for our candles or the environment.

One of the primary reasons we avoid soy wax is its association with deforestation. The high demand for soybeans has led to the clearance of valuable forest lands, particularly in South America, causing harm to ecosystems, biodiversity, and contributing to climate change.

Soy production is often linked to issues like monoculture farming, which can deplete soil nutrients and increase the need for chemical fertilizers. Additionally, the majority of soy crops are genetically modified, raising concerns about their long-term effects on ecosystems.

Our commitment to the environment led us to explore more sustainable alternatives. We have chosen to use a natural, sustainable wax blend that minimises harm to the Earth.

Our wax option that aligns with our values of sustainability. We're proud to say that our candles are crafted using natural, sustainable wax blend of rapeseed and coconut, that minimizes environmental harm and supports eco-conscious candle-making.

Rapeseed and coconut can be regrown relatively quickly, allowing for a more sustainable supply chain. This aligns with our goal of supporting eco-conscious practices.

Our rapeseed and coconut blend is biodegradable, promoting responsible disposal practices.

Unlike genetically modified soy crops, rapeseed and coconut farming typically involves fewer concerns about pesticide use and genetic modifications, supporting healthier farming practices.

We're dedicated to providing you with high-quality, environmentally responsible candles that enhance your space while leaving a minimal footprint on our planet. By opting for a rapeseed and coconut wax blend, we're contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible candle-making process.

In addition to it’s sustainability, our luxurious wax provides superior performance benefits with excellent fragrance retention and burn quality, ensuring your candles last longer.

Thank you for joining us on this journey toward a greener, more sustainable future!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our candle-making practices, feel free to reach out.

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